Sleeves and mandrills

V&K is principally engaged in (re) covering of mandrills, rollers, rolling wheels and many types of sleeves as elastomer fiberglass sleeves and nickel sleeves.


V&K produces and rubber covers many types Sleeves including:
V&K produces and rubber covers many types Sleeves including:
Thin sleeves, thick sleeves and nickel sleeves
Offset sleeves, offset blanket sleeves (seamless blankets), in hardnesses 60,70,80 en 85 Shore.
Digital sleeves;
V&K Direct sleeve, a laser engravable sleeve, for the flexo and packaging, with black elastomer in hardnesses 60,70 or 80 Shore.
V&K Direct sleeve, with soft base and hard black elastomer top layer for enhanced flexo quality.


Following rollers are covered with rubber by V&K:
Flexo Rollers
Ink Rollers
Stretsch Rollers
Moisture Rollers
Pressure Rollers
Pull Wheels

Rubber hardness

V&K supplies a wide range of rubber hardness ranging in Shore hardness from 25 Shore A to 95 Shore A and 85 Shore D and roughness Ra 0.1um. Through years of experience and our own production, we generally have a fast delivery of one or two weeks. We will give you more information about our sleeves and rolls.

Custom-made rubber

V&K processed commonly used rubbers such as EPDM, NBR, XNBR, HNBR, but has also developed custom-made polymers, such as laser-engravable rubber qualities. We would like to explain in person the benefits.