Roles and industry solutions

Years of experience
V&K has years of knowledge and rubber covers more than 30 years transport rollers for various industries and even transport rollers to a very small diameter of about 10 mm. Furthermore, we rubber cover pressure rollers, stretching rollers, feed rollers and roller voltage control.

Seamless foam

Customization at V&K
V&K can also cover rollers with a seamless foam on rollers, mandrills or sleeves instead of rubber. If you have any questions about customized products, please contact us and ask about all options. You can also email or call us.

Pull wheels

A new innovation from V&K is the covering of various technical products such as tensile wheels with superior rubber. This rubber extends the life of the product by a factor of from 2 to 5 with respect to the conventional polyurethane. Because of this longer life you build less in and out. So you keep the maintenance costs lower. Also your production has less interruption and thus higher productivity. The slightly higher price will then earn back soon.
We would be pleased to give you more information about our wheels.

Soft substrate / under-layer.

V&K has deleved for the packaging industry a sleeve with a soft underlayer in order to improve the printing quality. This soft underlayer can also be applied to flexo sleeves to improve flexo print quality.
Rollen van V&K rubber bekleding