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Over the past 30 years V&K has invented many innovations as the invention of the thin sleeve, the sleeve with soft undercoat and laser engraveble sleeve for flexo industry.
The (re) covering with rubber of various technical products for industrial applications is a specialized process. V&K herein has years of experience and technological know. Our expertise requires continuous innovation. We invest continuously in innovative production techniques. We are proud of our latest innovations and tell you more about this below. Perhaps they are for your industry very interesting.

Superior rubber polymer
A new innovation from V&K is the coating of various technical products such as tensile wheels with superior polymer. This polymer extends the life of the product by a factor of from 2 to 5 with respect to the conventional polyurethane. Because of this longer life you build less in and out. So you can keep the maintenance costs lower. Therefore your production provides less interruption and thus higher productivity. The slightly higher price will then earn back soon.

Rilsan substitute in offset rolls
V&K has developed a replacement polymer as a replacement for Rilsan which is used in the offset printing industry. This polymer has superior adhesion compared with the standard Rilsan and can be easily cleaned. Because of this there is no result ‘under corrosion’ after minor damage to the top layer. Further, this polymer is to make easily very clean and minor damage can be easily repaired.

Our latest innovation – which of course we are very proud of – is a laser engravable rubber of 85 Shore D. We have developed this polymer to produce hot-embossing rolls with a 3-D laser for different industries such as the automotive industry and the leather industry.

Chrome replacement
From September 2017 ch romium (VI)will be prohibiting by new European legislation REACH. V&K has developed a special polymer (Pattent pending) as an alternative to chrome moisture rolling.

Tile printing, ceremic printingV&K has developed special silicone printing rollers for the tile printing industry, ceramic printing industry. These printing forms have very soft sponge under layer and a laser engravable top layer of silicone.

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