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Sleeves and mandrills

Sleeves en walsen

V&K more than 25 years a familiar address for roller coating, rubber covering of flexo rollers. Also sleeves such as print sleeve, thin sleeves , thick sleeves and laser engravable sleeves dress we. In addition, you can also think about offset sleeves, hotmeltsleeves and rolling rolls.

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Drum motors


V&K is a specialist for the (re ) coating with hot vulcanized rubber on drum motors for the food industry and conveyors . There are various types of FDA rubbers allways on stock.

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Rollen van V&K rubber bekleding

V&K rubber covers all kinds of technical products for different industries, such as transport rollers , transport rollers to a very small diameter of +/- 10 mm , pressure rollers , stretching rollers and tension control rollers.

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Rilsan replacement

Rilsan vervanger

V&K has developed a replacement polymer as a replacement for Rilsan what is used in the offset printing industry. This polymer has superior adhesion compared with the standard Rilsan and is easiar to clean.

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Chrome replacement

Chroom vervanger

From September 2017 the use of chromium ( VI) will be prohibited by new European legislation REACH. This has major implications for the printing industry where a lot of chrome rollers are used.

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Hot- embossing

Hot embossing

Our latest innovation is a hard polymer than can be 3-D lasered with superior fine quality, it is designed to produce hot- embossing rollers with a 3D laser serving different industries such as the automotive industry and leather industry.

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